Why Pubvantage?

Pubvantage is a next generation ad serving and unified reporting platform for the efficient management of digital advertising operations –  all channels, all screen, all reporting. We support our clients with a global infrastructure, unlimited scalability and the tools to increase the bottom line. 

Pubvantage was built to solve these industry challenges:

Antiquated and Inefficient ad servers
Inability to easily manage multiple demand sources
Reliance on wasteful, manual workflows
Lack of automated controls for yield optimization
Over dependence on third parties for optimization

The Unified Solution



Reduce Latency – Pubvantage offers the combination of in-browser asynchronous ad calls and site friendly frames to minimize latency in ad delivery and page load. Reduce the multiple video ad call cycle and maximize every incremental millisecond with the advertiser ready to fill.



Simplify the ad operation workflow – spend less time manually optimizing and focus on the bottom line. Pubvantage allows you to reduce manual work around management and optimization by 6-12 hours per week, per ad operations team member – yea, we know, that sounds pretty awesome.



Increase your Bottom Line— Boost your ROI – Pubvantage’s unified real-time reporting gives your campaign manager access to “Automated Optimization” of your partner stack. Increase your fill rates along with higher overall eCPM.