Video Ad Serving

Pubvantage’s Video Platform aims to alleviate the video campaign management workflow in one, unified approach. Forget the days when publishers had to request multiple tags from different marketplaces. Our “One Tag” solution enables clients to incorporate many demand partners into a single tag, streamlining the competition process. This is compatible with all forms of digital media, including desktop, mobile web, in-app, and connected TV.

Real-time reporting makes it easy to immediately identify winners and losers, and to create and customize even the most complex waterfall. Using the drag and drop functionality, linear and/or parallel ad calls can be enabled for auto optimization, improved advertising fill rates, and revenue performance.

The Pubvantage Video Platform integrates seamlessly with any video player or ad serving partner for streamlined optimization, regardless of format. We work well with Javascript, Flash, VAST/VPAID, VAST, or HTML.

  • Any Player
  • Any Format
  • Any Demand Partner
  • Any Site
  • Any Medium – Desktop, Mobile, In-app or Connected TV.


  • Real-time Analytics and Unified Reporting
  • Cross Device Functionality and Campaign Management
  • Yield Management with built in Multi-tier waterfall capability (linear, parallel and combination structures)
  • Auto-Optimization*
  • Multi-format ad tag integration (VAST/VPAID, Javascript, Flash and HTML)
  • Timeout/Latency factor capping
  • Customized Ad Player, Ad Network and Publisher Integrations
  • Granular targeting capabilities
  • Mobile web and in-app support
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