Display Ad Serving

Pubvantage’s innovative display ad serving technology helps to increase operational efficiency and revenue, while reducing latency.

We save our clients time by providing specialized campaign management tools to increase the bottom line. The best example of this is our universal passback feature, which allows our publishers to use a single passback tag for all their demand partners.

Display Platform Features

  • Universal Passback – All demand partners will only need ONE passback tag with Pubvantage, regardless of how many active demand sources, sites or ad formats are live.
  • Drag and Drop – Our Universal Passback allows you to make changes to the waterfall with simple drag and drop functionality at the ad slot level across multiple sites or ad networks, in real time.
  • Unified Reporting –  Alleviate the manual campaign management work hours by accessing all third party reported revenue, impression and KPI data within one platform interface. We generate a master, unified report by accessing the third party data via API, user login credentials or scheduled email delivery.
  • Header Bidding (One Call) – Pubvantage combines all of your demand sources into one auction, regardless of implementation or integration (header tag, RTB. traditional banner ad tag). Level the playing field and truly get the best bid, fill and revenue regardless of ad serving technique! Our One Call solution can work inside of DFP and other ad platform partners.
  • Sub Publisher (for Ad Networks) – Create individual publisher access for your partners to access their daily reporting data such as opportunities, impressions, fill and revenue as well as the ability to retrieve their ad tags.
  • White Labeling – Brand your Pubvantage portal with your Company logo, color scheme and serving domain for a customized presence with your partners.
  • Weighting – Pubvantage provides waterfall flexibility so that any advertiser can serve more than once in any position while offering the ability to control the percentage of time a demand source is called for an ad opportunity.
  • Peer Priority – This feature will allow you to ask each advertiser assigned within the position for an ad before the next ad is called in the next position of the waterfall.
  • API – Simplify your user experience and integrate your internal platform processes through our API access.
  • Source Reporting – Increase efficiency of your marketing spend with accurate reporting of audience extension campaigns and Facebook social influencer reporting.
  • Dynamic Slots – Our sophisticated targeting capabilities now enable you to serve demand sources depending on pre-design page variables such as country, device, domain and other targeting criteria.
  • Native Ad Slots – Enhance your content recommendation distribution and native advertising efforts with unique ad slot functionality.
  • Channels – Organize your site set up with custom channels to unite common themes, subjects or categories, making campaign optimization that much easier.
  • In-Banner Video – Distribute in-banner video campaigns as a display ad format for distribution of video advertising within your current ad platform structure for added revenue and advertising fill.
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