Video Ad Serving

Pubvantage ONE TAG Video Solution is a next-generation video ad serving solution for all players, all screens, all devices.  The platform helps to streamline the video campaign management workflow, greatly reducing the amount of time needed to launch and optimize video campaigns.

Pubvantage uses a “One Tag” solution that allows for the creation and customization of your waterfall. Combine any type of video ad tag – Javascript, Flash, VAST/VPAID, VAST or HTML – into the same waterfall and then issue one Pubvantage VAST/VPAID tag that integrates seamlessly with any video player or third party ad serving partner for mobile, desktop, in-app or connected TV.

Using our Unified Reporting module, Pubvantage’s real-time video campaign data can be combined with third party demand source data which is automatically aggregated into the platform. Create custom reports which can be run daily to optimize your video ad tags using drag and drop functionality.

  • Any Player
  • Any Format
  • Any Demand Partner
  • Any Site
  • Any Medium – Desktop, Mobile, In-app or Connected TV.


  • Real-time Analytics and Unified Reporting
  • Cross Device Functionality and Campaign Management
  • Yield Management with built in Multi-tier waterfall capability (linear, parallel and combination structures)
  • Auto-Optimization*
  • Multi-format ad tag integration (VAST/VPAID, Javascript, Flash and HTML)
  • Timeout/Latency factor capping
  • Customized Ad Player, Ad Network and Publisher Integrations
  • Granular targeting capabilities
  • Mobile web and in-app support
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