Automated Optimization

Pubvantage’s automated optimization breaks free from industry norms.

Other platforms which offer auto op only use internal server data to optimize with a preconceived algorithm that offers their clients no control.

Pubvantage’s auto optimization for display enables clients to bring together both our ad serving data and all their 3rd party demand data such as revenue, fill rates, discrepancies, IVR scores, etc. to create a complete yield picture. Clients can take advantage of our proprietary Unified Reporting technology which brings together disparate data and gives clients complete control to customize the way they score and weigh their data. By combining both server data and 3rd party demand data, Pubvantage has created the only solution that utilizes all the key metrics desired for optimizations.

Once data has been loaded and the optimization rules set, our machine learning algorithm will control each campaign automatically. If the 3rd party data comes in real time, the optimization can occur in real time or any predetermined frequency a client desires (e.g. every hour, twice a day, every 24 hours).

By using all the key data, customizing the scoring, removing the manual processes, and turning the optimization over to a machine learning algorithm, you will increase yield and lower costs.

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