Automated Optimization

The four elements that comprise Pubvantage automated optimization:

  1. Intelligence –
    1. Robust data provides the solid foundation for understanding performance. Our real-time reporting, combined with the third-party demand data provides actionable insights per tag, per site to determine behavior. This deep intelligence layer collects, analyzes, and consolidates the behavior data to support all subsequent components and automate the stack.
  1. Predictive Analytics – The decision-making process is driven quickly and easily by cross-platform insights with minimum noise. Our powerful web analytics layer analyzes online and mobile behavior to discover relevant patterns and predict future outcomes.
  1. Optimization – Client pre-determined variables such as fill, CPM, error rate, etc. are the drivers for the reconfiguration of the stack down to a tag level from each placement and are based on insights gathered from the analytics.
  1. Automation – The Pubvantage platform takes the first three elements and executes the necessary optimizations across all the campaigns running in the platform at a time interval (daily, hourly, etc.) that is pre-determined by the client.


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